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Research / Publications

Innovation and technological development are key at Andrés Pintaluba, S.A. 
The lines of research currently available are:
Development of new Veterinary Medicinal Products (medicated premixes and oral powders)
Programme for the Promotion of Technical Research – PROFIT (Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism)
Comprehensive treatment of algae in different industries, including animal health and nutrition
CENIT Programme, for the CENIT VIDA project.
Tetracycline protection
Industrial Technology Development Programme – CDTI (Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness)
Effect of the Use of Carbohydrases on productivity and intestinal health in poultry species.
CIDEM – ACC1Ó Programme (Autonomous Government of Catalonia)
The overall objective of Andrés Pintaluba, S.A., in each of these multidisciplinary lines of research is to advance the development of new knowledge and products to improve animal health and nutrition.






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Andrés Pintaluba, S.A.    ·    Pol. Ind. Agro-Reus    ·    Prudenci Bertrana, 5    ·    E-43206 Reus (España)    ·    Tel.: +34 977 317 111    ·    Fax: +34 977 323 188