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Andrés Pintaluba, S.A., is a leading company in the world of animal health and nutrition, with a broad portfolio of products. This leadership is based on constant innovation, formulation and pharmaceutical production of our products, as well as our industrial and production capacity.

These elements of differentiation have been present since the inception of our company, and the proof is the industrial and production capacity we have today, a result of continued investment over the years.

Currently, the most significant milestone is to have three production facilities certified with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practicesby AEMPS (Spanish Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices) for the manufacture of the following veterinary pharmaceutical forms: Powders for Oral Solution, Powders for Oral Solution with Sulphonamides, Veterinary Premixes, Veterinary Premixes for Sulphonamides and Veterinary Premixes for Beta-Lactam antibiotics.

Our manufacturing facilities in Reus include the production of Solid and Liquid products, both as Additives and as Medicinal Products. The manufacturing facilities occupy a total of 3,200 m2 on a total surface area of 30,000 m2.

The constant analysis of our active substances that takes place at our Quality Laboratory (APSALAB) at the start of and throughout the production process ensures the optimum development of our final products.

Our production process meets the most stringent quality, safety, health and environmental protocols.

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