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The activity of the PINTALUBA GROUP also includes the marketing of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, medicated premixes, enzyme products and other animal nutrition products (the latter are grouped in the APSA SPECIALITIES division), comprehensive services for microbiological control in the animal feed chain (ADIVETER), engineering for dispensing liquid additives and automatic process control in the agri-food industry (APSATECH), control of starting materials (APSALAB), manufacturing and marketing veterinary products and medicines (POLICHEM), logistics services with our own fleet of lorries to meet our clients’ needs (APSA LOGISTICS) and marketing of starting materials, ingredients and additives for the human food industry (ALIFARMA), which are examples of the group’s leading companies.

In our business spirit of continuous growth, expansion into new markets has been a natural process in the company’s evolution. Internationalisation is one of our pillars of development, and as a result of this strategy, the PINTALUBA GROUP now has a presence in Portugal (VETALMEX), Argentina (APSA INTERNACIONAL), Brazil (PINTALUBA DO BRASIL) and Libya (POLICHEM LIBYA), with sales in more than 45 countries.

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Andrés Pintaluba, S.A.    ·    Pol. Ind. Agro-Reus    ·    Prudenci Bertrana, 5    ·    E-43206 Reus (España)    ·    Tel.: +34 977 317 111    ·    Fax: +34 977 323 188