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Quality policy

Company / Quality policy

For Andrés Pintaluba, SA (APSA), meeting its clients’ needs is the core of its business. With this premise, our priority is to provide the market and clients with better quality and safer products, thus ensuring optimal business service. As such, quality is the result of a commitment that involves everyone in our organisation.

The trust of our clients and suppliers is the result of our commitment to quality. To maintain and increase this trust, we have established a Quality and Safety Policy that we renew every year, which commits our growth to the principle of total quality for all our products and services.

Furthermore, at Andrés Pintaluba, SA (APSA), we are constantly looking for better and safer solutions to our clients’ needs, anticipating them with regard to the ever-changing legislative framework.

A result of this commitment was the establishment of APSALAB in 2002, a company within the Pintaluba Group that combines R&D support with the microbiological analysis of active substances and product control. This analysis and control is carried out by a team of more than 20 specialists whose main objectives are:

  • Physico-chemical and microbiological analysis.
  • Chemical analysis of feed and microbiological analysis of foodstuffs.

And the quality of our products and commitment to animal health and nutrition are the standards of our ongoing commitment to innovation.

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