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Since its establishment, Andrés Pintaluba, SA (APSA), has been committed to innovation in products and services.

This business philosophy, instilled from the start by the company’s management, has been manifested over time in the development of new products and the transfer of technologies through:

  • The research of new additives for animal nutrition and welfare, in compliance with the current demand for more natural and healthier products.
  • The research and development of new drugs for aquaculture and livestock.

We are aware of the importance of innovation in developing new veterinary drugs, and we therefore pay special attention to the following lines of research:

  • Pharmaceutical development of new drugs that are easy to administer and provide an adequate therapeutic response in the target animal.
  • The improvement and/or reformulation of existing medicinal products based on the needs of the sector.
  • The development of new and innovative manufacturing processes for medicated premixes.

In short, the Pintaluba Group innovates in order to grow.

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Andrés Pintaluba, S.A.    ·    Pol. Ind. Agro-Reus    ·    Prudenci Bertrana, 5    ·    E-43206 Reus (España)    ·    Tel.: +34 977 317 111    ·    Fax: +34 977 323 188